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strip_3.jpg Site Rating / Contents: is a site for and about building custom "American Style" motorcycles. This site, while not getting down and / or too funky for the viewing habits of most Americans is intended for use by mature adults. If this site offends your community standards or you have some other religious-inspired issue with the content, we suggest you simply point your browser someplace else and get on with your life.

Legal Fair Use:
If you see something or hear something on that you feel violates your property rights of otherwise causes you some form of damage including but not limited to: copyright violation, trademark mis-use, image usage - PLEASE contact us before you start calling lawyers and other scary types. Hey, we're bikers - we probably did it without knowing we were gonna stomp on anybodies gravy train. Tell us where you think we screwed up and we'll do whatever we can as fast as we can. Don't be paranoid, we really aren't out to get YOU - we probably don't even know you exist, so chill out - OK?

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Call Main Office: 303-488-4015
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It is assumed that ANY MATERIALS, IMAGES, HARD GOODS or OTHER ITEMS mailed or sent via email are open to direct dissection live and on screen. That's what we do  here - talk about motorcycle stuff. So be sensible - don't send us anything you wouldn't want showing up on a billboard in the center of your town with your name on it. We review stuff - so if you don't want a particular thing reviewed, than DON'T SEND IT.

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