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Join the KickStartTV Gang. If you fill out some really basic information we'll let you know when we're doing special shows,live appearances, bike runs, political action stuff (helmet laws) and all the other events and things we're gonna be doing over the next couple of years. Yes, you'll be put on our mailing list - but WE PROMISE we'll only send you stuff about bikes and building choppers. If somebody we know is having an ass-kicking sale on something or there's an opportunity to pick up something for damn near nothing...we'll let you know. BUT FIRST - you gotta let us know about you. You can fill in fake stuff but that doesn't get anybody anyplace, OK? OK! Fill it out, fill it out...(* denotes required field)
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Statistics and the cost of Doing Business in America
The facts are simple, it costs money to make stuff happen in media. We didn't just jump outta bed (or out of the garage if you like) sayin' "Hey, dudes, let's put on a web-based motorcycle talk show that also has extreme audience interaction, professional quality video action and world-class streaming". It evolved over several months from a goofy idea, one of those "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." kinda things to an examination of what it would really take, to scrounging the seed money to buy media encoders and audio boards, to finally wiring the whole damn thing up, plugging it in and hoping it does go *POOF* emitting a big ball of flame and flakey lookin' smoke like some bad effect from Lost In Space.

And we learned as we went and the shows (even in a 6 week period) got progressively better. You can go to our archives page here and watch the difference between the first show and the most recent. It really wasn't even watchable in those first episodes, but now it's not only watchable, but people are flocking to the site and sending us pictures of their scoots and answering questions in the chat room and trying to figure out how to use Skype so they can "video in" to the show. Very few people produce shows for the web like this - and there's a reason: it's a whole lotta work.

That being said, we still gotta eat, the bills still gotta get paid and at the end of the day we can step back, glowing with pride over our masterful creation while our significant other hovers in the background asking the question from time immortal "Where's the money gonna come from? Huh?"

Advertising and the Internet
Now that "the web" has been around for a while and it seems like a pretty popular event, folks who own businesses are saying "Well, how do I make money on this thing?" - well, here's how you do it - you advertise your business to people on websites that cater to and / or represent your product. Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I would guess there are more folks hanging around on KickStartTV who build motorcycles than play tuba or build boats in bottles - so, it just makes sense that if you have a business that you want to tell bikers about, you should buy some advertising on KickStartTV. In fact, and again, pure guesswork on my part, anybody who hangs around this site for more than five minutes is probably a pretty firm customer for your product or service as long as it's motorcycle related.

What am I driving at here? It's simple - if you like this site and want to see it stay around, encourage the folks that you know who sell motorcycle stuff to advertise on this site and in the show KickStartTV. We are 100% motorcycle based, so if you're a 100% motorcycle business - let's put our percents together and sell some product for your company while keeping this cool website and show on the air. We're not going to hold a gun to your head on pricing, and yes, we've been known to take parts in trade for advertising because WE'RE BIKERS TOO! So, come out - spend some money and support this site and the show. You can reach the folks you wanna reach and we can keep the lights turned on. That's what capitalism is about and that's why we're proud to be Americans!

So email if you've got some advertising ideas, trades, cash deals - whatever, and we'll make it happen!

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