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To: Motorcycle Shops, Parts & Aftermarket Manufacturers, Enthusiast Magazines & Videos, Online Salesmen, Builders Large and Small. If you’re in the “Motorcycle Business” we’ve got something for you – KickStartTV HOME
strip_3.jpg Making KickStartTV Work for You!

It’s 2009 and the party is pretty much over. We’re seeing prices dropping on everything from parts to full bikes, shrinking attendance at rallies, the end of “Chopper” shows on TV – in fact, our country and our industry seem to be heading into a sea of red ink, unpaid credit bills, “bailouts” and other bad economic practices.

So what BETTER time to start a NEW and UNTESTED business and pay for it out of my own pocket? Crazy, you say? Nah – I’m just a believer in the way our system works and the inherent honesty of the American Businessmen – especially those in the Two-Wheeled trade. We started KickStartTV at the worst possible time to start a new venture, and we bet the farm with our own money – not some corporate investor from New York – the dough out of our savings accounts and checking accounts to buy the equipment, bandwidth and software we needed to start an online TV station / show – KickStartTV. Plus we had to have a great website to go with the show, one that has all the capabilities of “FaceBook” or any other these other “social networking” sites because bikers like to communicate and put up pictures of their bikes and tell their stories.

We built the concept, the studio, the show, the staff and now we need your help to help us grow and become the industry resource and consumer hub that we know KickStartTV can become. We’d be stupid to ask for money in these times, so what we’re going to do is tell you how you can USE US to gain more traction in this slippery marketplace and reach out to your potential customers in ways that they have never seen before.

USE US, ABUSE US – Make Us Build Choppers!

What is KickStartTV anyway? Well, it’s a one hour (plus) show that is broadcast LIVE every Tuesday night at 7pm MST. Our broadcast area? The entire world – we are streamed LIVE to a 100% global audience. Regardless of country, language, time zone or any of the other factors effecting regular TV – we can reach every PC in the world with an internet connection. So what is our audience? I don’t know – you tell me. But I would guess it’s all people who are interested in choppers, bobbers, custom bikes, building bikes, buying parts, searching out deals, riding like crazy and having a generally good time being a biker. Because if you weren’t doing these things – you wouldn’t be watching our show. It’s really that simple – we may not have ALL the people in the world – but all the people we have are 100% interested in what you’re doing and what you have to sell.

WAYS to USE US #1 – Tell Us What’s Happening

Tell us what’s going on in your part of the world. Copy articles that have to do with motorcycles and chopper building and email them to us ( ;  ) and if they’re of interest they WILL get on the show. There – your event or party or run is now global. It will only happen if YOU make it happen buy sending us the info, but who else is our there saying they’ll give you global exposure for free?

Tell us what you’re building, manufacturing, testing or thinking about making. Send us pictures of your build, go into “The Garage” on our website ( and put up pictures of what you’re doing and anything else you can think of. We’ve got a very cool audience in the chat room and visiting us LIVE via video on Skype who are not afraid to tell you their opinions. This is more fun than a “focus group” and it’s free!

Give us your or your groups opinion and your voice will be heard. We can’t guarantee that everybody will get on the air all the time – but chances are if you feel passionate about a subject (and we can tell pretty well what you’re passionate about) we’ll use your stuff. Write us, send us an audio track, shoot a video and we’ll always try to make time for folks who have invested time. Who else is offering you free video time in a subject-specific show?

WAYS to USE US #2 – Get Your Stuff on the Show.

Do you build a really cool thing? Send us one and we’ll put it on the show. It’s that simple. Here’s the address so you don’t forget (copy this now so you have it knocking around):

To Send Us Stuff:
 The best way is by email - send it to
 If you want to talk to Trash, email him at

 To Send Us Heavy Stuff:
 c/o BroadbandVideo, Inc.
 5261 S. Quebec St., Suite 200
 Greenwood Village, CO 80111
 Call Main Office: 303-488-4015
 Production / Studio: 303-488-2883
 Emergency Cell: 303-549-2659

When we get stuff we talk about it until you’re pretty much sick about it – because we love cool, innovative, custom bike parts almost as much as we love finished motorcycles. When we get a new product, we check out the background of the manufacturer (just to make sure you’re still in business – this ain’t America’s Most Wanted) and then we have fun with the part. We open the box right on air, we show the goods right out of the box, we talk about the possible applications, we put over 40 years of combined chopper building together to voice our opinion on the product. We then find an application and most times end up putting it into service on a bike right away.

This can take HOURS of air time, but it’s a two way street – people who love this stuff will watch every minute and manufacturers and builders get MORE EXPOSURE than they could EVER hope to afford on regular television or cable. Once we’ve shot and aired the segment – we’ll send you a link that shows the entire segment of the show and your product that you can put on your website. Who else can do that for FREE?

Just FYI – we don’t return anything, so don’t send us one-of-a-kinds or prototypes. Once you send it to us, it’s ours. That way if we decide to paint, modify, cut up or use any of those fine modification techniques that chopper builders are known to deploy, there are no questions in anybodies mind.

WAYS to USE US #3 – FREE video.

If you send us a 30 or 60 second Public Service Announcement – we’ll run it for free as often as we want. If you send us something where you’re selling something – well, you have to pay for that, it’s called advertising.

The same with links – we’d love to link directly to your website. If your website is a personal site, a non-profit group site or anything else where you don’t make any money, we’ll put up your stuff for free. If the site sells anything, has a PayPal Button or any sort of order form – we have to get paid for that. We don’t charge a lot, in fact nothing compared to any normal TV station or Cable company. If you’d like to advertise or do some kind of special promotion, just write to . The question is this – “Does internet advertising work?”. In 1997 I started to service what I saw was a small (but growing) need on the internet for information about choppers and custom bikes that wasn’t being covered in the trades and other magazines. I didn’t have a lot of money, so the web seemed like the place to be. A few years after I had been around (I spent 7 years as the #1 slot on Yahoo if you types in “choppers”) the guys at Discovery channel emailed me and asked me if I would put up an ad for a new kind of show called Motorcycle Maniacs. They said they didn’t have any money to pay, but that we’d probably really like the show – it starred a new biker nobody had ever heard of before named Jesse James. Does internet advertising work? I dunno, ask Jesse.

The point here is that we’ve got the people you want to reach – in fact, most of the people producing the show are people you want to reach. So if you want to spread the word about something that’s good news for all of us – that’s free. If you want to try to sell something, that’ll cost a bit – but you might consider going the product or goods sample route if that’s something you can do.

KickStartTV – How to USE US:

1) Tell us what’s happening in your world.
2) Get your stuff on our show for free.
3) Send us some video and we’ll get it on the show.

…it’s really that simple. If you’d like to advertise on (the website) or on the show itself, contact Warren Fuller at . Be prepared, however, for a different type of advertising: if you run an ad for your product on late-night TV, a small percentage of the audience may be interested in your motorcycle-related products and services, if you run an ad on KickStartTV the number of viewers may be smaller – BUT 100% of the audience will be interested in what you have to say or sell. Think about it – do you want a smaller number of advertisers 100% of them interested in what you have to say or sell, or do you want a larger number of people viewing your ad who may or may not have any interest in your business?

If you've read through all this and still say to yourself - "I just want to buy some good, old fashioned spots or banner ads", then  may we suggest you contact - we'll be happy to email you a basic rate sheet plus tell you how you can get a TV-like commercial created for under $200!

It is assumed that ANY MATERIALS, IMAGES, HARD GOODS or OTHER ITEMS mailed or sent via email are open to direct dissection live and on screen. That's what we do  here - talk about motorcycle stuff. So be sensible - don't send us anything you wouldn't want showing up on a billboard in the center of your town with your name on it. We review stuff - so if you don't want a particular thing reviewed, than DON'T SEND IT.

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